About Us

OMOM from Twenty-Two Magnolias Productions on Vimeo.

Orange Mound Outreach Ministries is a "Taking Our Children Back" program that targets unchurched youth in the Orange Mound Community. Rev. Reginald J. Tucker, Director, and Mrs. Mary Tucker, Program Director, are the leaders and alongside them there are 4 adult volunteers and 4 youth volunteers that have come through the ministry. Our mission: We strive to teach our youth, respect, self control, and education. We teach them how to walk the Christian walk in their everyday lives.

In order to make this mission possible we put into place our objectives: Evangelism, Discipleship, Education, and Resource Development.

Our purpose is to take our children back for drugs, gangs, alcohol, killing, stealing, and anything ungodly. In order to do that we focus on equipping our children with the tools to participate in everyday life. To equip them we offer, homework help, tutoring, real talk groups for boys and girls, youth church which include skits, choir, and praise dancing. We also offer club nights, discipleship groups, bible fun groups, bible study groups, movie nights, camping, and social outings. In Orange Mound we are the only structured, faith based organization for children that is set up to cater as a safe haven for our youth. We have several churches and ministries that partner with us to help lead our youth in the direction for which God want them to go.

Orange Mound Outreach Ministries has really made an impact on the Orange Mound neighborhood. Our area is better to live in now than it has ever been. People were afraid to walk pass kids on the street, now they are stopping to talk to them. Our kids are talking to other kids and their relatives about God and what they do here at the ministry. OMOM has changed the lives of the whole neighborhood, not just the kids, and we are excited to see what our future is going to bring as our walk with God continues.